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The rules of the city as we see them - from the perspective of those who are directly affected by them - are extremely unrealistic, unclear, and unadaptable to the nature of street music, unnecessarily restricting artistic freedom and freedom of labor. The current status of the rules is such that even with one's best efforts, they are still impossible to follow to 100 % and one of our aims is to change them. 


The rules are not implemented fully yet, but that is changing all the time for the worse. The unpredictability of random enforcement of rules by local authorities further complicates the current status of the  Berlin Street Scene. Until there isn't any change to the current laws, please be sure that your volume is not too loud. As amps are getting more powerful and louder and more and more people are starting to play on the streets, the situation is bound to get worse.

If you get stopped by police or Ordnungsamt; be respectful, apologize and leave. Maybe it was not a good spot to play at or maybe you were actually being too loud so avoid that spot and turn it down. Watch out for each other and make sure your volume is not too loud and don't play too often at the same spot in case people might get tired of hearing you – try and be sensitive on this! If neighbors approach you; be kind, respectful and try to understand their point of view and please invite them to one of our open meetings. We want to enable a dialogue between different parties involved.

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