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  1. Amplified performances are allowed across the entire city 

  2. Clear busking Code of Conduct 

  3. Different Zones for different kind of arts with special functional regulations for hotspots (such as Mauerpark, Warschauerstr, Alexanderplatz)

  4. Online and offline registration permit system and platform (free of charge - citizens can also register, follow and support their favourite artist)

  5. Busking App / Booklet check in:  check in with your phone at the beginning of your performance at any spot and legally play there - or - go to an information office nearby, register there and note the time and place at the beginning of your performance

  6. Physical Information and registration offices at hotspots (for buskers passing through and those without Internet)

  7. CD and merch sales allowed

  8. Reasonable sanctions for breaking the rules that should NEVER include sequestration of the instruments

Berlin Street Music managed to convince the district of Pankow that the current rules are dysfunctional and need to change. We will be presenting a proposal by 01.07.2019.

We would love to hear your thoughts, if you have any useful input, feel free to send us an email at or join our team!

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