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Berlin Street Music is involved in various social and creative project, ranging from paid gig opportunities for buskers to preserving art and culture in Mauerpark.


Together with musicians, residents and visitors of Mauerpark, we formed an initiative to protect art and culture taking place in the park.

Being placed in what was formerly known as the "Death strip", the art scene in Mauerpark is a symbol of peace and unity in Berlin. In September 2018, a full ban on amplified music was enforced in the park. 

Our goal is to work with musicians, authorities and local residents to develop a new sustainable busking system. Please visit our official project page for more information on this movement - in German. 


New Rules for Mauerpark

After months of hard work, Bezirksamt Pankow officially accepted our proposal for conservation of culture in Mauerpark.


Follow THIS LINK for the official rules in German.

Short Summary:

  • amplified music is permitted from 11:00 - 19:30 - weekdays
                                                          11:00 - 20:30 - weekends and holidays

  • no generators allowed

  • no busking outside of the park

  • busking is allowed in these zones

  • direct your amps towards the stadium

  • use common sense in terms of volume (don't blast each other out)

Acoustic Shells Project


To improve the acoustics of Mauerpark, we proposed the idea of Acoustic Shells. These structures limit the sound emission from the park, while ensuring musicians they will be heard and enjoyed.  Shells will also prevent sound leaking

between different artists within the park.

With support of Club Commission, we will build mobile acoustic shells to be used in Mauerpark and other green areas in Berlin.

We are developing a proposal of fixed acoustic shells in collaboration with Flanagan-Lawrence Architects, as a stabile installation in Mauerpark.

For more information on Acoustic Shells, follow THIS LINK.

If you want to get involved in this project, please contact us at  - WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

New Street Music Rules for Pankow


Work In Progress - Coming Soon

Berlin Street Music for Refugees 



Active in 2014-2015. 


Social project involving free music shows and children music workshops in refugee centres across Berlin.

In collaboration with Evangelische Stadtmission Berlin.

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