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Wir sind FÜR Straßenmusik in Berlin.
We SUPPORT street music in Berlin.

Recent successes of the co-operative association work

As a result of many years of persistent efforts by some, unfortunately fewer, voluntary members of the association, the BSM association can and will now finally sit at the table where the laws are knitted and we will work together on the new regulation that we have demanded and that we can think of, with a more functional solution [21.04.24]


Please be sure to get in touch! 

If you have creative ideas for the demands and suggestions we have listed, how we can succeed in implementing them as a society.


We and you can get involved in real politics here and now!

This is a unique opportunity to play an active role in shaping the world - the way we like it - and to prove yourself.

Are you a watcher or an actor?

Do you need support?
Or would you like to support the BSM?


or JOIN OUR GROUP on telegramm!

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