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Whisky & Rhymes

Name: Whisky & Rhymes

Members and Instruments: Hera (vocals and egg shaker) and Milan (vocals and Guitar) - plus for stage Concerts we have Albi and Kai on saxophone and Clarinete, Roman on Bass, Nias on Piano and Thorgen on Drums 

Hometown: The band is Berlin born and bred (Hera is the only Aussie "auslander")

Been busking in Berlin for: 2 years

Favourite ever busking spot: Hera and Milan love Bar Busking around Kotti and Prenzlaur Berg. Its nice to walk into a cosy bar, ask them to turn off the standard techno "white noise" they have playing on the sound system and play a few original songs. You can see people's eyes light up and hearts warm as they listen intently to actual people making real music with their Hearts, hands, instruments and voices.


Online Presence:
Official Website


Whisky and Rhymes spawned in the depths of a smokey underground den, hidden in the meanest, toughest neighbourhood back-streets of Berlin. Hera was on the run after falling into trouble with the Turkish Mafia, Albi was trying to get clean after a crippling addiction to Voodoo Dust, and Milan had just blown a considerably large inheritance with a 3-week bender in a whorehouse.

But together the 3 found that by playing together they could lull their audience into a trance-like state. So they hired scruffy neighbourhood children to pick the pockets of the unsuspecting crowds. 

Now together with the Shamanic leadership of Romans bass and Thorgens drums, the Whisky’s are masterminding a plot to take over the world. Anyone interested in a career as Henchman/woman can apply by email:

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