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As well as developing relationships with artists from around the city, we aim to create sound working relationships with a number of select venues, in order to facilitate events and match them with appropriate artists. On this page you will find the profiles of a number of venues who we have previously or currently work with in the development of regular events or one-off gigs.

Noize Fabrik


Location: Noize Fabrik


What is Noize Fabrik: Noize Fabrik is an audio industry coworking space and studios in Berlin Neukölln. Primarily, we do  three things: Coworking, Studios and Events! The coworking is geared for people in the audio community however we are not exclusive and are open to anyone who wants to work with creative minded people. We have three audio studios: a small digital production room we call the Hexagon, our Live Room with a 4.5 meter glass wall so that an audience can watch as recordings are happening (can be used as a rehearsal room or classroom as well), and finally our Control Room where we focus on recording, editing, production, post production, mixing & mastering. We also host events of many kinds, from educational workshops, seminars and panel discussions to hosting Live gigs, release parties, label showcasing and our favourites: Live Recording Sessions! We are always open to people booking Noize Fabrik for their own event! Write to us and well see what we can do together! 


Where is Noize Fabrik: Noize Fabrik is located in the Eastern part of Berlin along the border between Treptow and Neukölln. Our Address is Elsenstrasse 52, 12059 - Neukölln. We are in an old factory building in the Hinterhof on the 3rd floor! Come by and check it out for yourself!


What makes your space unique: As far as we know, we are the first music/audio coworking space in Berlin, Germany, and until proven incorrect, the world! Noize Fabrik is a format to be used by people how they see fit! We try to fit productivity, creativity, education and fun into one space so that our growing community can take something away from their time here! 


Who is the location for: Everyone and anyone! And especially for those who want to make Noize! 


How can people get in touch with you: You can write us on Facebook (, you can email us 

( or you can give us a call (01799948654, 017666355263)


Where can we find you online:


Culture Container


Where is it: In between Ostbahnhof and Jannowitzbrücke at Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin

What's on: Live Recording Sessions 

What makes your venue unique: Every day of the week except for Mondays, Franz gives musicians the opportunity to take the stage for a very special and individual live recording session. Stylistically (almost) everything is possible - singer/songwriter, jazz, classical music, electro-swing, organic techno, folk and more. 

Who is the event for: Musicians that are keen on having amazing video and audio material whilst playing for a very attentive audience. Franz will create the perfect sound and provide everything you need. Apart from your instrument you only have to take yourself and your favorite audience. As their applause can be part of the recording. For bookings contact Franz at & tell him something about yourself and your music.


Online Presence:



Monarch Berlin

Event Row: ContraSounds by f/oska

What makes your venue unique? This format brings bands, djs, musical performers of all genres in a B2B situation, where each act plays 2 sets of 30 minutes before the other one jumps in again. No introduction, a little experimental, no crazy concept besides the confrontation of those 2 acts. ContraSounds is a clash of contrasting musical shades meeting in a room full of happy people. 

Who is it for? For people that enjoy live music with their "Feierabendbier". For everyone who wants to fill their pockets with good vibes, new impressions & fresh musical input. It is also a networking space for musicians, Djs, music performers etc. and f/oska itself. 


Online Presence:



Al Hamra


Where is the venue located: Raumerstr. 16/ 10437 Berlin
How can you get in touch:
Have a look here:





Where is it: Holzmarkstrasse 19-23, 10243

Unsere Philosophie: Arbeit sollte für Menschen mit und ohne Behinderung, fachlich qualifiziert und chancengleich sein. Jede*r Mensch hat persönliche Stärken und Schwächen. Wir möchten in unserem Unternehmen die besonderen Stärken unserer Mitarbeiter*innen im Arbeitsalltag fördern und unterstüzen. Wir sehen jede*n als Bereicherung, der für uns arbeitet.

How can people get in touch with you: 030 69520887

Where can we find you online:



Open Mic @ Kindl Stuben


Where is it: Sonnenallee 92, 12045 Berlin

Open Mic Sunday at Kindl Stuben is on weekly throughout the year in Sonnenallee 92 in Neukölln. Sign up each week is at 7:30pm and the start is at 8pm. Each participant can perform maximum 2 songs, poem etc each within 10mins of stage time. Musicians just need to bring their instrument. Microphones, cables and 8 channel mixer are available for use on stage.

How can people get in touch with you:



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