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Turbine Treptow

Artist Name: Turbine Treptow
City/Country of origin: Berlin
Since when have you been playing in Berlin: 3 years
Favourite place in the world you've ever busked: Berlin
Turbine Treptow - is an eight man band from Berlin, that was founded in 2012. 
Their musical genre is a mix of funk reggae, hip-hop, balkanbeatz and an extra large portion of groove making their music very danceable! 
Horns, funky guitar and keyboard sounds, snappy beats from the bass and drums and the very positive vibes of their singers Janosch and his companion Arne prepare the ideal party atmosphere during their concerts.
Every once in a while some mellow tracks create an unexpected break or a 7/8-beat - also is part of their programme.
Turbine Treptow are like a small football team, tha are always ready for the next game - often also supported by friends and guest musicians. 
Where can we find you online:

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