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Tarq Bowen

Artist: Tarq Bowen w/band

City/Country: London / UK

How long have you been busking in Berlin: On and off for the last year solo, returning with the band

Favourite place in the world you have ever busked: Essex Street, New York

Members & Instruments: Tarq Bowen (Guitar/Vocals) James Macphail (bass) Joe Warren (Percussion) Will Stokes (Drums)Genre: Alt-Soul BluesShort


Online Presence:

Official Website




Having moved around the UK most of his life, Tarq Bowen has seen more than the multi-faceted ups of modern city & country life. Settling in London after spending his teenage years in Brighton, Tarq gained a loyal following on the gig circuit debuting at the renowned Mayfair bar The Scotch.The last few years have seen Bowen tour New York, Germany, Spain, Italy & Ireland, Record with Nick Mason, (Pink Floyd) entertain the Americans for Olympics 2012 & Sell out warehouses backed by orchestras. This year sees Bowen debut his new sound with a full band line up



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