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Name: Stereochemistry

Members and Instruments: Karla Hajman, guitar, piano, ukulele, vocals

Hometown: Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Been busking in Berlin: for 3 and a half years now

Favourite ever busking spot: Venice, Italy


Online Presence:

Official Website







Stereochemistry is a one-woman indie-folk-pop cabaret project founded by Karla Hajman, an ex scientist who abandoned her PhD studies in Experimental Audiology (in Sweden) to dedicate herself to music full time, starting off as a street musician on the streets of Florence, Barcelona and Venice. Stereochemistry has since released four studio albums: Vagabond Cabaret (2010), The Archive Box (2011), SWEEP (2013) and Ruins in Bloom (2014). Unlike the self-produced first three albums, Ruins in Bloom was made in the USA and produced by Jason Rubal, supported by an insane Crowd Funding Campaign.


Stereochemistry's live performance is a mix of music and satirical stand up comedy cabaret, told through the perspective of Miss Stereochemistry, a consortium of five aliens sharing one human body, on an attempt to understand the contradictory human race.




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