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Romano Licker

Artist Name: Romano Licker
City/Country of origin: Berlin, Germany
Since when have you been playing in Berlin: 2012
Favourite place in the world you've ever busked: Warschauer Straße


Online Presence:

Official Website





Romano Licker has energy. Romano Licker has many different faces. Since 2012 you hear him as a singer / songwriter with both english and german lyrics. In 2014 he was playing at Fusion Festival, celebrating the release of his EP “The Artist is Present”, which was the start of a summer tour through germany and the netherlands. Since then he’s been working on his debut album “Between World”, has been working as a producer for other Berlin based songwriters and recently founded the music label “Yaron Records” which combines all his efforts in creating a network for musicians and a platform to release music not limited to any genre or style.
In 2013 he founded the Youtube-platform “Abandoned Couch” where he and a film crew put musicians on deserted couches, filming their performance in studio like quality.


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