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Artist Name: Lione
City/Country of origin: PARIS-FRANCE
Since when have you been playing in Berlin: MAI 2014
Favourite place in the world you've ever busked: TORONTO


Online Presence:


Official Website



Lione was born in Gabon, and grew up in Paris Suburb (FRANCE). She is a self-educated musician who started singing first in her family.

Later in the 90’s, she learned guitar playing the songs of Tracy Chapman, U2... In 2011, after a busking Tour in CANADA, she created her first band in Paris.

Recently settled down in Germany, takes time now in Berlin to write new songs for her first EP. Music project:Between Folk and ambient/organic, she sees music as a collection of emotions directly connected to her imagination.She defines herself as a "Athmosphere Maker".

Her first music instrument was a cassette player, and today with a guitar and a loopstation, she goes back to her original music roots.


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