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Artist Name: Lapwings
City/Country of origin: Berlin

Band: Guitar Vocals : Jeal (Belgium), cello Natasha Jaffe (USA), Bass : Varian Villenueva (Porto Rico), drums: Benjamin See (berlin)
Since when have you been busking in Berlin: For one and a half years
Favourite place in the world you've ever busked: Berlin
Short Bio:
The Berlin-based band Lapwings, with musicians stemming from different walks of life, derives their name from the folkloric bird of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs representing newcomers to a – for them – foreign land.
The 5-member international band began as Jeal, lead singer songwriter, cut his ties with the corporate world in 2013 and left his home in Belgium to give into his musical ambitions. After meeting and playing with cellist Natasha Jaffe the match was lit, that would later light the fire for establishing Lapwing’s unique organic sound and the band itself in 2015. 
Different than the bird and its piercing trill, Lapwings forms a misty ambience with its light,
smooth melodies, dynamic folk rhythms juxtaposed by melancholic lyrics. Its music is marked by elegance, repose and excitement bristling with warmth. 
As the band continues to evolve, it performs in various formats, either as a duo cello/guitar or with five parts complete with keyboard, drums and bass for larger venues.
Where can we find you online:

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