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Give me a Paper

Artist Name: Give me a paper
City/Country of origin: Syria / Germany / Italy
Since when have you been playing in Berlin: 2015
Favorite place in the world you've ever busked: Berlin
Short Bio:
Give me a Paper is an music band has been founded in Berlin by Mohammad Abu Hajar (A Rapper, Percussionist and Music Producer From Syria), Fritzi Noirhomme (A Guitarist and Singer From Germany) , Zaher Al-Kaei (Violinist From Syria) and Ahmad Niou (Percussionist and Singer From Syria). 
Once all those musicians were Jamming together then they came out with good results and decided that what they came out with can be a starting point to launch a new band where the name "Give Me A Paper" came spontaneously representing many papers and documents a normal human being may ask for during his/her lifetime.
Later Laura Bondí (A Guitarist and Singer From Italy) joined the band to add her own touch. 
The band is focusing on the idea of fusing many different genres between the occidental styles, Rap and Oriental music and trying to be a melting pot for all the cultures of the band's members beside the personal satisfaction that the band musicians are gaining by creating music together.
Where can you find them:

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