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Geraint John Jones

Artist Name: Geraint John Jones 

City/Country of Origin: UK

How long have you been playing in Berlin: 1 year

Favourite place in the world you've ever busked: Paris, France


Online Presence:

Official Website


Geraint's is a tale that covers a lot of Europe - a subscriber to the Schengan Zone... Born in Wales, he moved to England aged 5, and in 2009 completed his studies at The Northern Film School in Leeds. Having spent most of his 3rd year practising guitar, improving his voice and playing on the local music scene he realised that it was this was that he wanted to pursue. Although coming late to performing (aged 20), he wasted no time in getting experience and saw the street as his school, becoming a full time street musician in 2009 and continuing to play there to this day.Having a desire to explore more sounds and play indoors when the Winter came, he eventually, with the help of French and American musicians Christine Robinson, Martin Lucet, Francois Gras & Charles Bourdon, formed the band "Montcalm".After a successful stint on the Parisian music scene, with plays on local French stations and the BBC they hired a mansion in the French countryside to record their first EP 'Le Manoir' but the band unfortunately dispanded shortly before its planned release through the Parisian collective "Jumbo's Company".Although still playing occasionally with band-member Francois Gras, Geraint decided to move to Berlin, Germany, to broaden his horizons and experience another, new way of life.Once referred to as sounding like "a fiery non-conformist minister", ( the focus is to play an energetic and engaging show, touching on many different genres and exploring a wide range of lyrical themes. Taking influence from all of his previous homes, expect a bit of Folk, some Chanson and a lot of spirit.



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