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Name: Galeb and the Seagull

Members and Instruments: Gaia Erjavec (Vocals) and Goran Erjavec (Guitar/Vocals)

Hometown: Trieste, Italy 

Been busking in Berlin: Since August 2013

Favourite ever busking spot: We do have a favourite busking place in the world, but we can't tell you witch one it is, as it's like spilling our business secret but we'll tell you that the Maybachufer market is our magic place, where everything started. We love the special atmosphere and all the special people we found there.


Online Presence:

Official Website



Gaia Erjavec and Goran Erjavec, are Sister and brother from Trieste, in Italy. They have Croatian and Slovenjian roots and grew up in a border town where they spent all of their free time with their parents travelling. That's why now they like to say we they from everywhere when people ask.. They both have been traveling a lot in the last years.. sometimes together sometimes on their own they''ve been to new zealand, australia, france, holland, germany and othere great countries. Only when they came to berlin in august 2013 they started with street music, before Goran was a cook and his sister a student, now they're both 100% dedicated to music. They play organic seaside music , so basically what they try to do is to bring the good influence of the sea to places where there's no sea...or something like that


Galeb and the Seagull

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