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Artist Name: Fresh
City and Country of origin: Jerusalem, Israel.
Since when have you been playing in Berlin: 2015
Favourite place in the world you've ever busked: Berlin
Short Bio:
Fresh is an artist. that has been doin "noise" and sounds from his mouth since he remembers himself.
His environment always told him to shut up and to stop it, so he thinkgs that gave him some extra fuel to hit the streets with his looper and voice and to improve and really evolve himself.
For over three years he has been playing with the loopstation and has performed on stage since 2013.
During the last two years he was working with LARP (live action role play) team for kids and through this "job" he learned improvisation and self expresion, full power.
In these days he is working on a live looping act combined with dance and acting. self expression all the way 
Where can we find you online:

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