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Ed Curtis

Artist Name: Ed Curtis

City/Country of Origin: Santiago de Chile/ Chile

How long been you been playing in Berlin: Since July 2014

Favourite place in the world you've ever busked: Café-Casero (F-Shain) & Mauer Park (Berlin, Germany)

Bio: Ed Curtis is a musician and songwriter from Santiago de Chile who started playing on the 90’s. After several Bands, in July 2014, he moved to Berlin in order to work on his last solo project. The music style is Indie Rock/Pop, mainly influenced for the 80-90’s Brit-Pop. During October-December 2014 he started recording a set of 05 originals songs in acoustic version (Guitar, Voice, Cajon), and finally in February 2015 the first EP “Haunting Feelings” was released on the main Online Stores, and during March 2015 the hard copies of the EP arrived ready to sell.Some references are: Gustavo Cerati, Jeff Buckley, The Smiths, Travis, Belle & Sebastian, Coldplay, Radiohead, Oasis, Blur.If you think that the music style matches with yours or you just feel interested about it, feel free to check the music on 


Online Presence:


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