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Name: Combine

Members and Instruments: Daniel Tourgeman (Lead singer, guitar & keyboard), Ron Stephenson (Guitar), Yotam Weiss (Drums) & Gilad Gur (Bass)

Hometown: Berlin, Originally from Gadot, Israel

Been busking in Berlin for: 8 Months

Favourite ever busking spot: Mauer Park


Online Presence:





The band’s story began in the north of Israel, where Yotam and Ron got a hold of an old cinema in which they rehearsed, wrote and recorded the first of Combine’s material. Next one to join was Gilad, who would soon after
introduce Daniel to group. This scenic setting - the old cinema and the beautiful surrounding nature - was overshadowed by the sounds of explosions and rockets in the background. In this environment of contrasts Combine have been creating their newest work: “Go Go Go!” since 2012.

After concluding a successful tour in Israel where they established themselves a solid fan base and sold out the venues they played, Combine have moved to Berlin in 2014 to promote their newest work and to organize their European tour. 


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