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Name: Aletchko

Members and Instruments: Aletchko (violin)

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel

Been busking in Berlin: for a year

Favourite ever busking spot: the bars of Berlin


Online Presence:

Official Website




Aletchko (Alexey Kochetkov) ­is a virtuoso violinist that lives and breaths music as though it is his second language. His musical personality made of Russian classical tradition while challenged by 10 years experience of living and making music in Israel, where he absorbed sounds and rhythms of Middle East. In his performance melancholic violin utterances merges with rapid groove­driven elements and precisely written classical moments interchanges with almost free improvisation full of inspiration and sensual musical freedom. On stage Aletchko supported by different musicians of different genres. Together they create a stunning mixture of Russian virtuosity and Mediterranean temperament. To make a long story short - ­must see!




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